Being All In For Students

Connection Point

As COVID-19 disrupted the educational experience, we present a storytelling initiative in collaboration with 1504 to remind us of the greatness within city schools but also the systemic challenges they face. We believe that all people have a stake in our students. By telling stories to humanize the school system, we hope that one’s own connection to students will be rediscovered and lead to meaningful action.


Watch the Film

How do we engage with people beyond the headlines and do work with, not to, our communities? This film explores our commitment to building relationships with and around our schools. Though this story begins prior to the pandemic, it reflects ongoing issues that are more pressing than ever. To also learn more about the Immersive Storytelling Exhibit we hosted at Ramsay High School, visit here.


Join the Conversation

What kind of opportunities would you like to see for students? We want to continue our engagement work with you and individuals in your community. Join us in our ongoing research and facilitate a film screening with The Community Conversation Kit.


Go All In

Together, we face a historically difficult moment for parents, students, and teachers. As schools reopen and grapple with learning loss and trauma from the pandemic, we are recommitting to our mission of putting students first. Keion and the others from the ALL IN film represent the people we aim to invest in every day. Read this letter from our director about why now it a critical time to support our students and donate today.